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From: $2,900.00 every 3 months

Targeted Mailing

Refined direct mail campaigns with highly tailored messaging

Be selective with your direct mail strategy by targeting specific demographics that would benefit from receiving the varying offers you’re sending.

From: $2,000.00 every 3 months

Every Door Direct

Reach all households in your local area

Reach all households in your local area to raise awareness about your offerings or important announcements and to drive visits to your practice.

From: $2,900.00 every 3 months

New Mover Mailing

Be one of the first to welcome new movers in the neighborhood with a postcard for your dental practice

Reach qualified prospects who have recently relocated to your area. Every month we send out mailers targeted to the newest movers in the area.

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Your practical guide to getting more patients in your chair every month

Get a free no-obligation, budget-friendly direct mail marketing plan for your practice – that’s based on proven results.

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