White for Life

Offer Your Patients a Lifetime of Bright, Radiant Smiles

AmericaSmiles White for Life - A Powerful Program to Boost Your Dental Practice

AmericaSmiles' White for Life is a unique opportunity for dentists to strengthen their patient relationships and grow their practices. With White for Life®, you can offer your patients a beautiful, white smile that lasts a lifetime. And you will provide an exceptional service that keeps patients coming back and attracts new clients.


To take advantage of the White for Life® plan, simply fill out our online application form. Upon approval, you'll receive access to whitening products at great prices, network resources, marketing materials, and support to help you promote the program to your patients.

White for Life offers numerous benefits to dentists, including:

  1. Increased patient retention
  2. Attracting new patients
  3. Enhancing your practice's reputation for offering exceptional services
  4. Encouraging patients to prioritize regular dental checkups and cleanings
  5. Boosting overall patient satisfaction

When you market the White for Life® offering to prospective patients using the AmericaSmiles marketing solutions, we will provide you with a free introductory whitening application and discounts on additional products.

Absolutely! Existing patients who regularly attend their biannual exams and cleanings can also enjoy the benefits of the White for Life Program. When you are marketing with us, we provide the whitening application free for the first 20 customers each month. You get new customers, and the whitening application is free.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your practice and give your patients a reason to smile.

Add White for Life® to your practice today and become a part of our growing network of dental professionals dedicated to transforming smiles across the nation.

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