The AMS Direct Program

Build Recurring Revenue for Your Lab, Beyond the bench

Busy Dentists Create Busy Dental Laboratories

AMS Dental Direct is more than just a marketing and advertising program to make your dentists busier; it’s a program intended to make your lab busier, but most of all it gives you an active role in where the public chooses to receive dental treatment!

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Empower Your Dentist to Excel

Corporate dentistry marketing exposure on a private practice budget.

AMS Dental Direct is a marketing and advertising tool that enables private practice dentists to enjoy corporate dentistry marketing exposure on a private practice budget. We all know the impact corporate dentistry has had on the private dental practice. Let’s face the truth, the main difference between a corporate dental practice and a private practice dentist is marketing and advertising. While the private practice wins in the area of service and treatment, the corporate offices are dominating when it comes to marketing and advertising.

AMS Dental Direct gives your dentists the power of direct mailing campaigns to local households, digital marketing campaigns, and launching in February 2022, our television advertising campaign that will reach 50% of all US households.


get free exposure to new dentists

Dentists Try Your Lab, Free, We Pay the Bill

Should a dentist near your lab become an AMS Direct client, we will provide them with a number of free crowns as a signup bonus, depending on the value of the package selected. As you'd expect, we will cover the cost of your lab's crowns in order to get you exposure to new dentists.

Become a resource for your doctors

An exclusive offer for your existing clients.

As an AmericaSmiles Network lab, you can offer AMS Dental Direct services directly to your existing clients. When your dentists contract for our services, your dentists receive exclusivity for their practice area. You also receive two additional benefits from this program. First, you will receive a direct financial benefit for every order your dentists place. When your dentist enters your code in the discount section of the order form, they’ll receive an exclusive discount on every order.

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Turnkey, Effortless Marketing Programs

Dentists get new patients, making your lab busier. Here's how:

  • 1. Traditional Marketing Mailer

    All AMS Dental Direct dentists will have a postcard tailored to their dental practice. This postcard mailer can be delivered to the nearest 1,000 - 10,000 households depending on the package. Each postcard will have a custom phone number that will forward to the dentist's office so that we can generate and provide reporting on total customer responses to the dentist.

  • 2. Digital Marketing Services

    The AMS Direct program blends old-school mailers with new-school digital marketing. All dentists receive a basic digital marketing program. More aggressive digital marketing packages are made available.

  • 3. Television Marketing Campaign

    Beginning this May, AMS Dental Direct will offer dentists an opportunity to participate in our 2022 television marketing campaign. Those who opt-in to the television advertising portion will have custom creative postcards with a “call to action” message on the postcard referencing the recently viewed television commercial. The television campaign will be extremely impressive if not shocking. Details of the campaign will be coming soon.

more than just a marketing and advertising program

Three types of AmericaSmiles Network labs can benefit.

  • The AMS One Voice Member Lab

    The AMS One Voice Member Lab gains the largest benefit in this program. This group will have the first opportunity to invite their existing dentists to market and advertise through the AMS Dental Direct Program, giving their dentists first rights to area exclusivity. The second and most powerful benefit to the One Voice Member lab is that you already have been assigned at least 100 network dentists that will already advertise to, promoting your dental lab services. We will target these same 100 dentists in your network with our own advertising piece inviting your network dentists to use the AMS Dental Direct program to promote their dental practices. The beauty here is that every time one of your network dentists signs up for AMS Dental Direct, we offer that dentist between one and three free crowns from your lab (depending on the program) and we pay you for each crown. This concept means that every time a dentist in your network becomes an AMS Dental Direct dentist, you are almost guaranteed to get a trial from that dentist with a great chance of gaining a new customer.

  • AMS Network Member Labs

    As an existing paying member you too will be part of the first group of labs that will be able to offer your dentists area exclusivity. When your dentists sign up, you can choose to receive a cash payment as a revenue share or instruct us to apply a discount to your client equal to that revenue share. For a small $295 conversion fee you can convert your AMS Network Member status to an AMS One Voice Member. We will assign 100 of the nearest dentists to your lab as your network dentists. We build a custom postcard mailing piece promoting your dental lab and mail this piece to all 100 network dentists on a monthly basis. We will then send our own mailing piece to all 100 dentists promoting the AMS Dentall Direct program and give you the same benefits noted above.

  • Milling Center Customers & Genesis Zirconia Customers (Non Members)

    If you are not an AMS Member, but use the AMS Dental Technologies milling center, or purchase our GenesisZr(R) zirconia, you too can offer your dentists exclusivity for the AMS Dental Direct program. Your ability to offer this service to your dentists will come 30 days after our member labs have invited their dentists. You too can become a One Voice member for a $395 activation fee and $150 per month. We will assign 100 of the closest dentists to your lab as your network dentists, build a custom postcard for your lab, and mail it to these dentists every month. We will then send our own postcard advertising AMS Direct to your network dentists and you will receive all the benefits noted about under One Voice Members.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have questions, let us answer them.

Absolutely not. Should a dentist sign up for one of our packages, we pay you for each unit to do the free crowns.

3mo @ $1,000/mo 1 Crown We Pay $100/ea.
3mo @ $2,500/mo 1 Crown We Pay $125/ea.
3mo @ $5,000/mo 2 Crowns We Pay $150/ea.
3mo @ 10,000/mo 3 Crowns We Pay $150/ea.

Yes, you can. If your dentist renews online, you will receive an AmericaSmiles credit equal to 5% of their purchase price as long as you remain an AMS One-Voice Member. Want to become a One Voice member of the AmericaSmiles Network? Contact us here.

You will receive a unique code that will allow you to offer your doctors $400 off of any AMS Dental Direct service.

Make your dentists busier, make your lab busier.

We give you the guidance and tools to start building the lab of your dreams. A lab that exists and generates revenue beyond the bench. Start referring dentists to AMS Dental Direct and get rewarded for your efforts today.

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